We offer full dealer finance facilities including Hire Purchase and PCP.

We work with several lenders and, when the correct proofs are available, can offer "drive away today funding".

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Hire Purchase (HP) is the most common form of car finance and has been used for many years. An initial deposit is paid and the remaining balance is paid monthly over a specified term. At the end of the agreement the car is then owned by you. Often it is possible to change your car before the end of the HP agreement.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) gives you the possibility of lower monthly payments. As with Hire Purchase (HP) an initial deposit is paid followed by monthly payments over a specified term. At the end of the term you can hand the car back to the finance company, pay the finance balance outstanding and keep the car, or part exchange your car for another.

This type of finance is increasingly popular and is ideal for those customers who like to change their car after 2 - 4 years of ownership.

What is Hire Purchase

What is Personal Contract Purchase

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